8/3/19 Writer’s Block Breaker

I’ve been having serious writer’s block over the past few months. Life is good. It’s summer and I’ve been playing baseball on the weekends. I’ve been training Jiu Jitsu also, but haven’t been nearly committed enough recently. It’s difficult for me to focus on Jiu Jitsu, while I’m also trying not to get injured for baseball. I’ve been going to the batting cage and have brought my batting average up significantly over the last few games.

As of right now, I’m batting .296 with a .486 on base percentage. Baseball is a humbling sport. With the relatively small number of plate appearances we get during the season, one bad game can completely ruin your batting average, and your confidence as a man. I’ve got three different lingering finger sprains in my left hand. So, my grip strength is like a five year old girl.

I’ve found training Jiu Jitsu in the mornings has been really beneficial. It gives me a ton of energy throughout the workday, and relieves any stress I might have. Feeling physical pain is a welcome friend to me. If I’m in physical pain, my mind doesn’t have space to complain about my emotional life. All I can focus on is the pain I feel when I close my left hand, which tends to hurt more in the mornings. If my back is hurting, “Good!” At least I don’t have to think about other bullshit.

I trained yesterday morning at our affiliated gym, and got to fight a few guys I’ve never met before. I did pretty well against a brown belt (as in I didn’t get murdered) and was able to submit two white belts with multiple submissions. I got triangle chokes on both guys, an Americana, and a shitty guillotine choke. I’m slowly getting better. But, I still made a lot of mistakes. All it takes is time, people have been telling me. The ego must go. It doesn’t matter how long the road is. It’s about the journey.

Life is hard. We just need to push back harder.

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