5/6/19 A Beautiful Day for Baseball – Cobras vs Yankees

After getting snowed and rained out last weekend, we had a double header against the Yankees. It was low 70’s and sunny out. It was the perfect weather for baseball. I was reminded again how much I love this sport. I may be the oldest on our team at 29, but playing this game takes me back to the good old Little League days. It makes me feel young again. For me, I can’t imagine anything I’d rather be doing on a Sunday afternoon than playing baseball.

We got crushed in the first game, but I had a good second at bat against a lefty sidearm pitcher, batting from the right side of the plate. I ran the count full and then hit a hard grounder down the 3rd base line. It was my first hit of the season, which took the pressure off. I was 1-2 that game. I almost threw a guy out at home from left field, but missed the target too far to the right. I almost made a nasty sliding catch in foul territory, but just barely missed the ball. I had bad positioning on a couple bloop hits, which I might have been able to catch if I was playing more shallow against the lefties. I also almost caught a deep drive that went a foot over my glove. I felt a little rusty out there, but hey, that’s baseball. I’ll get better as the season gets going.

The second game was tough. It went back and forth until we ended up losing in the last inning, 8-7. We battled back to tie the game in the 6th with a stolen home plate, and then scored another run to take the lead 7-6. They tied the game in the bottom of the 6th, and then won in the 7th on an RBI single up the middle. Earlier in the game, I smashed the ball in the gap between left and center for an RBI double, with 2 outs. The contact with the ball was so sweet. The feeling of hitting a baseball square on the nose is amazing. One of the young guys in the dugout said, “I’m so proud of you!” I laughed and said, “Thanks mom.”

I’m starting to get my swing back, but still need to work on my hitting. I’m 2-4 from the right side and 0-2 from the left side. I’ve only had one at bat against righties, so I’m hoping to get more chances from the left side of the plate.

Playing baseball and training in Jiu Jitsu is going to be tough, but I just need to adjust my training schedule a little. I’ll need time in the batting cage for sure during the week, and I’ll also need to be careful to avoid any injuries from Jiu Jitsu if possible.

These two sports require precision, patience, alertness, and hand-eye coordination. There is definitely a meditative aspect to both sports. Getting into the flow state is the place to be.

Time is the most valuable commodity we have. I intend to use it wisely, doing what I love.

Work hard. Be patient. Stay focused. Remain determined. And, stick to the plan!

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