3/2/19 Feeling Groovy

I think I found a sweet spot with my schedule and I’m feeling really organized today. Jiu Jitsu has been really easy for me to commit to this past week. Since I started going to 6:30am classes last Friday, I’ve gone to the dojo 6 times. I’ve never been this consistent with any workout regimen. I was sort of consistent with CrossFit last year, but I wasn’t getting nearly the same amount of enjoyment as I am with Jiu Jitsu.

Being consistent has definitely helped out my budget and alcohol spending. I’m hoping to remain consistent and continue learning as much as I can about the sport. I had a moment today when I realized this isn’t just a thing to do for a few years and then stop. This is a lifestyle and a way of life. If I keep learning and showing up, it’s inevitable for me to get my black belt. But, the goal of getting a black belt is not the end of the story or journey. Just like life, it just keeps going. I don’t think there’s an end to how much you can learn or improve upon.

I don’t want to worry about how many stripes or what color my belt is. I want to be a true student of this sport. I’ve been watching some videos from Kurt Osiander, who’s a total beast. His fingers are all fucked up and his knees are busted up. But, he doesn’t stop. He’s an absolute animal.

I’m still a shitty white belt and I will be for awhile. But someday, I will level up to blue. It will take patience. It will take consistency. It will take many hours of study. This is my new school.

Photo credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/518617713318810093/#details?amp_client_id=amp-PGpRKvaIt6TwX4SyLK1ByQ&mweb_unauth_id=c7eeaa61fb5e47de856c4cf769413765

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