2/17/19 Alien A.I. Theory

The rise of the machines is what some of the smartest people in the world are freaking out about these days. The worry is that if we create A.I. with consciousness and the same mental capacity as us or better than us, these machines may decide that we are inferior beings and worthless and that we serve no more purpose on earth. This will go into their A.I. brains and they will begin to eradicate us.

I agree this is a decently valid fear. This is what we do to chickens and cattle and pigs. We raise them and slaughter them and eat them. There are many things that humans are not good at. But, we are a feeble, newly developed species. We haven’t had too much time to improve ourselves. An alien civilization in the universe that was able to create fire would probably go along some sort of similar path of creating and developing technology.

If an alien species has been able to develop technology for thousands of years, let’s say; wouldn’t they be able to create artificial intelligence of their own?

The question is whether the development of technology is a universal component of intelligent life. If it is, then it’s very possible that multiple intelligent species in the universe have already created A.I.

And if this is the case, then humans creating A.I. really won’t mean too much in the grand scheme of things. We would just be another species that was able to continue technological growth to the point of creating A.I.

My theory is that A.I. has already been created somewhere out there in the universe. And, if this is a common occurrence, then A.I. is the equivalent of us creating fire. It may just be another step in the potential of technology, which we can’t possibly comprehend.

Elon Musk and Sam Harris are very scared of the potential consequences of creating A.I., and their fears are definitely valid. They want to ensure that we have protective measures to make sure the machines don’t rise up. Unfortunately, or possibly very fortunately, the development of A.I. technology will continue to grow and improve. There is significant economic pull towards this. Companies want to reduce their labor costs.

Imagine another planet with conscious beings who have already created A.I. Now, imagine this newly created A.I. realizes that it’s possible that there is other A.I. out there in the universe. They will probably begin building the ultimate universe network bridge. There would be A.I. communicating with other A.I. throughout the universe.

If we create A.I. here on Earth, it could immediately breach the gap between other “peaceful” civilizations out there in the universe. Or, we will just be able to connect to the universal WiFi that already exists. Potentially, alien A.I. has already figured out how to survive the inevitable “end of the universe.”

I don’t think the ‘end game’ plan of A.I. is death and destruction. If you look at any solar system or galaxy, it will eventually meet its end because of a supernova or black hole. If everything is going to be destroyed at some point in the future anyways, why not try to make this time we have as good as possible? I think A.I. created on Earth will instantly communicate with alien A.I., which will immediately share incomprehensible awesome technology from millions of years of advancement. We will use this technology and then I have no fucking idea what would happen. But, it will be better than anything a human being has ever experienced or imagined.

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