11/5/18 Saturday and Sunday Night Markets and Thai Massage – Chiang Mai

Saturday Night Market

After we got back from our jungle trek and elephant bath, my dorm mate and I showered and then met up with people at their hostel. We were all supposed to have eaten and be ready to party and go drinking by 8pm, but we all were slow. We grabbed a taxi truck and piled ourselves in the back for 20 THB ($0.61) each towards the Saturday Night Market.

Imagine any flea market you’ve ever seen. This place was that on steroids, HGH, testosterone, and crack. It was super crowded and insane. No matter where you turned, there was a continuation of the market. It didn’t seem to end. The whole area is covered by vendors with various crafts, street food, and street massage chairs. We got some street food and the German guy bought some nasty-looking maggot worms on a stick. I didn’t have the balls to try one.

The Irish girl started frantically searching for a place to sit down and eat and started leading the group. We ended up at a little place where we got some very basic bitch food. I got chicken wings. A couple people got chicken tenders and fries. We drank a few beers and then hopped in another Taxi to Zoe in Yellow Bar and Nightclub. It’s basically a party in the streets near these bars. They were playing crazy dance music and people were going nuts. It was a fun time. They started closing the bar around midnight, so we found some other random bar.

Lila Thai Massage

After the intense hiking journey over the past couple of days, I felt like I needed to relax and recuperate. My body was so sore head to toe. The lady at the hostel recommended Lila Thai Massage, which only employs former incarcerated women. It’s a program designed to help these women have a sense of purpose and belonging in society after being locked up. Also, the prices are pretty reasonable for a one-hour massage (250 THB or $7.50). The place was surprisingly nice inside and clean. First, they clean your feet in a water basin with a lime or lemon and salt. Then, they have you change into the massage clothes, which are a baggy button-down shirt and baggy pants that you have to wrap around your waist and then tie together.

The massage was so amazing. It was the first time I had ever paid for a massage and was very happy with it. She got deep in there using her elbows to really get at the tight places, which was basically my whole back. She pretty much folded me in half and contorted me sideways to crack my back and stretch me out. When I left, I felt like I was an inch taller. I ended up going back there the next day for another massage. It was well worth the $7.50 both times, which is basically the cost of 2 big Chang beers at a bar.

Sunday Night Market

I moved to a new hostel today and met a bunch of fellow backpackers. This new hostel was very social. They had Chang beer on tap, which was pretty cool. They brought everyone to the Sunday Night Market to get people out of the hostel to keep the noise down around 8 or 9pm. I was kind of reluctant to go since I had just gone to the Saturday one the night before and I hate being in large crowds like that. I had some more street food; most interesting was the fried chicken skin bits. I was kind of itching to get out of there and grab a beer. Luckily, this one girl brought it up and I raised my hand instantly saying I was down. We got the group to go along to this Irish bar. We were the only customers when we showed up, so we got great service from the staff.

We started talking about Karaoke, and went to this other bar, but they had shut down Karaoke right as we got there and weren’t serving any beer. So, we headed to 7-Eleven to buy some last minute booze before they stopped serving alcohol at midnight. The last person in our group paid for her beer at 11:59pm. We went back to the Hostel to drink and hangout. A couple girls from the Netherlands showed up and said they were going to Spicy, which was open until 2am. I decided to join them.

The place was full of tourists and was pretty insane. Luckily, I was drunk enough to handle the chaos. After Spicy, we went to Las Vegas, which is open until 5am. At a certain point, I was so drunk I had to cut myself off and headed back to the hostel. But, not before getting some late night food!

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