9/17/18 The Final Destination

Imagine you’re driving somewhere, but you don’t really know where you’re going. Your GPS is completely useless because you haven’t given it a final destination. You don’t have a set goal, so you kind of aimlessly travel around, meeting new people, and seeing new things. Everyone keeps asking you where you’re going, and you just keep saying, “I have no idea. It’s great!” The conversation sort of ends, and you get back in your car to go nowhere. It might be fun for awhile to not be bound by any expectations or plans, but eventually you will get tired of this endless journey and stop moving. The motivation will die. The drive will end right where it started.

Let’s say you did have a final destination in mind, like becoming a full time gambler at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. Your dream has been to stay in the nicest hotel room there, wear an expensive suit, have some arm candy to make everyone jealous, and gamble like a boss as your job. This has been your dream since you were a kid. Everything in your life has been geared towards getting to this place in life. It may be shallow, but you don’t care. This is your dream and you’re going to make it happen. You will start becoming an expert at all the games. You will only date girls you think are “eye candy” material. And, you will begin making plans to save up enough money to pay for the hotel room and have enough money to gamble with.

Someone with this type of motivation will inevitably reach their goal. They can see clearly in their mind how this future will look. They see it in their dreams. They can even smell the felt of the tables when they close their eyes. Pieces of the puzzle will slowly materialize until the magic day when they buy the plane ticket and book the hotel room. This dream may take 20 years to achieve, but time doesn’t matter to this person. They will do whatever it takes to get there.

In our lives, we must imagine the final destination as clearly as this chauvinistic guy imagines himself at the craps table with his stripper girlfriend, throwing the dice, and winning $1 million dollars. Once the destination is set in your mind, you can set the GPS to take you on the fastest route there. There may be some road blocks, traffic, and pit stops needed along the way. You might have a few flat tires, and maybe your engine will overheat and leave you stranded on the side of the road. Eventually, you will get there. It doesn’t matter how long it takes or how many obstacles and set backs happen in your life. You must continue moving forward towards your final goal. Visualize to materialize!

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