9/13/18 Slow Race to the Finish

We’re all in a race to the finish line of our lives. Some of us go quickly and some of us go slowly. Some of us get to the end sooner. But, we all end up in the same place; as dust. There are always short cuts on the journey of life. But, you might miss something important along the way. Just as the tortoise beat the hare by being consistent and patient, we could take a hint to move forward a little more slowly.

In this world of instant gratification and getting everything we want now, we can sometimes lose sight of the important things in life. We forget what it’s like to wait. Being patient with your money now could allow you to live a much happier, fulfilling life in the future. But, the future is obscure and unknown, and because of this, we choose to be “happy” now. It’s easy to spend money now and buy something shiny or cool like a new laptop or car. But, your future self is screaming at you, “You fucking idiot!!! What the fuck are you doing!!!???” We smile guiltily, and ignore the screaming.

For me, I know the quickest way to to true financial freedom is through patience. It will take time to reach this goal. Every action I make in the present moment will have a direct future financial impact and happiness impact. Obviously, money isn’t everything. But it sure helps. The stress and burden we all go through knowing we have to pay for rent and other expenses is physically and emotionally draining.

In the movie, “The Wolf of Wall Street,” the main character, Jordan Belfort, builds up a massively successful Ponzi scheme in a very short period of time. His greed and arrogance became his downfall. He was so obsessed with power that he destroyed his life. He was moving too fast. If he had taken the time to change a few things, he might have been able to convert his scheme into a legitimate business and avoid the FBI. But, he continued his behavior despite knowing he was screwed.

Famous actors, athletes, and musicians fall into this trap all too often. Their eyes become bigger than their mouths. It’s the same with lottery winners. Many times, this money is all lost as soon as it comes. They are not thinking about the long term. Mike Tyson had millions of dollars in the bank and squandered everything.

Don’t be a Mike Tyson. Be the slow, boring tortoise. You might end up winning the race.

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