8/19/18 Who Are We Really Trying to Impress?

Nowadays on Facebook and Instagram, it seems like everyone is getting married or having babies. All I see on my news feed are engagements, marriages, or baby photos. Do I care? Most likely not. From childhood, we’ve had our minds manipulated into thinking that a family and kids are what we want or need to feel complete. I think there are many people who are in relationships and eventually get married because they feel, “That’s what we’re supposed to do.” However, marriage and birth rates for millennials are way lower than previous generations and these numbers are falling steadily.

Just like the TV news distorts our perception of reality by focusing on all the horrific crimes out there and ignoring all the good, social media has distorted our view of the true nature of reality. Constantly seeing other acquaintances getting married or having babies on Facebook subconsciously makes us think this is normal. We feel this pressure without even knowing it. It appears everyone is getting married, but it’s just an illusion which we have created for ourselves. Which photos get the most likes on Facebook? Girls with a shiny ring on their finger, wedding photos, and baby photos.

Although homosexuality has become much more accepted in recent years, I’ve been noticing a trend of gay men in relationships with straight women. Both partners are living a lie and wasting each other’s time. It is a dark circle of deception to be with someone you don’t have true feelings for. I know this has been going on for a long time, but in today’s age, this shouldn’t still be happening. There are many social pressures from family, friends, and the media which are partly to blame for this. It’s just a real shame. Imagine being in a relationship with someone for 20 years and then you find out they’ve been cheating on you with their homosexual lover. I just wish people were more honest with themselves.

At work, we all wear a mask to fit in. We want to be accepted by our peers. We may buy new clothes, a watch, a fancy car, or even get married just to appear more successful to everyone around us. Who is this magical person we are trying to impress who will give us this feeling of importance we are so deeply craving?

We must look inside ourselves to find the answer.

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