8/16/18 How Would You Design This Game?

Our perception of reality is based on our 5 senses, our conscious thoughts and experiences, and our biology and memories. We can only see the visible light spectrum (no infra-red or interdimensional vision), and can only perceive reality between 60-150 fps (frames per second). The human eye has the capacity of about 1,000 fps, but we can only tell the difference up to 150. Other animals and bugs have a much higher threshold, such as a humming bird or fly. 

If we happen to be living in a video game simulation created by “God,” then there would have been some choices made in the design and function of it all. The gravitational constant would be the glue to hold everything together. The amount of matter needed to form all the countless billions of starts and planets would need to be calculated. Perhaps, the complete forming of stars and planets and life was all planned in advance. Or, this universe we exist in could just be a random beta test and nothing was planned.

Imagine if your consciousness is really just the consciousness of your programmer. This programmer put themself in your body as an experiment to see what human life is all about. As the programmer, you would ensure various fail-safes in order to protect your human experience. You obviously wouldn’t want to know all the math and programming language that underlies everything around you. You wouldn’t want to know the future. You wouldn’t want to see the true reality of what’s going on. You would prefer to exist like an ant in an ant farm, not knowing you’re being observed. You would program your thoughts to become distracted as soon as you became close to figuring it all out. 

Let’s say you are the creator of your own universe, which could very well be the case. And, you could have anything in the world, such as money, sex, power, control, or immortality, wouldn’t life become kind of boring after a while? You would probably invite some sort of strife or agony back into your life just to feel human again.

Photo credit: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-izz2euNsrxU/T6MOGk4wRSI/AAAAAAAABDA/3QycifSo7EU/s1600/Matrix5.jpg

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