7/31/18 Evolving Changes

Last night, I dreamt that I was swimming with a sea turtle and then started floating up into the sky riding the shell that had transformed into a balloon. I was frightened that I might not come down, so I made a nudge downward and started coming back down to earth. I fell to the ground and hurt my knee caps. But, I was alive. The pain didn’t matter.

I’ve been having a bit of writer’s block and have also been somewhat of a hermit recently. I’m still being a hermit. But, I feel like things are about to change in my life. I get this feeling every few months or so. I think whatever is coming will be a positive change. The walls need to be torn down and the flood gates need to be opened. Being comfortable is a sign that something isn’t right in my life.

If nothing changed in my life, it would be fine. But, I know that this isn’t a healthy place for me to be in mentally. If I’m not learning something new or trying something different, I’m just getting one step closer to the grave.

I know there is more in this life than sitting at a desk all day. But, logically this is the most concrete way for me to become financially free in the present moment and near future. How many years will it take to manifest my dreams into reality? We shall see. I can’t predict the future. But, I know that if nothing changed or improved for me, I could probably reach this goal in roughly 3 years.

I’ve been listening to Alan Watts and Eckhart Tolle, recently. They both seem to agree that this life is a game and we have trouble seeing the true reality of it all because of all the distraction around us. How many hours do we devote to Netflix or TV in a given week? Too much. But, as a way to relieve stress, it’s relatively healthy. Going for a walk would be a lot better of course, but this is what human life is becoming.

Even a small change could have significant positive impacts down the road, so I’m keeping my eyes and ears open for the opportunity.


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