“Life is short,” they say. But how short is it really? I went on a stupid website https://www.death-clock.org/ that calculates when you are expected to die based on your sex, BMI, alcohol consumption, etc. It’s pretty entertaining. Supposedly, I’m going to die at 78 years old. If I play my cards right, I’ll probably live a lot longer than that as other life expectancy estimates say we will probably live to 90 or 100. The death clock counts down by the second to your ultimate reckoning with your god of choice.

Let’s break it down. We sleep 8 hours. We work 8 hours. We have lunch for 1 hour while at work. Commuting to work can take 1-3 hours per day. A shower takes 15-30 minutes. Taking a crap might take 10 minutes. A Netflix episode is 23-58 minutes depending on if you watch The Office or Breaking Bad. If we binge watch, god help us all. Cooking dinner and doing dishes can take 1-2 hours per night. On weekends, we usually plan chores like laundry or cleaning, which can take a few hours each. If you have kids, forget about free time altogether.

So, how much time do we have for all the other things? There’s probably a mathematical formula to figure out how to maximize your leisure time. Maybe you could brush your teeth in the shower or send an important email while you’re taking a crap. A lot of us cook or eat while we watch Netflix. I don’t know if this is necessarily good or a weird transformation of how we operate in order to maximize our time here.

You could probably list out all the things you do and rate them on a scale of 1-10 of how valuable they are vs. their individual time cost. Sex is probably the highest rated activity we could be doing at any given moment. But, what about the 5th season of Lost you need to catch up on?

It’s hard to battle the urge to experience immediate satisfaction vs. future satisfaction. Patience and determination can allow us to create a future abundance of time. If we splurge now, we may not be able to enjoy life as much in the future. Americans have a real problem with this. We want to have fun now! If we put our minds to it, we can plan on early retirement. Otherwise, we may be working late into our 70’s with a broken back and a severe alcohol problem.

Someday, we’re all going to be in the same place. It’s up to us to live the life we truly want. The clock is ticking. Get after it!

3 thoughts on “6/16/18 HOW MUCH TIME DO WE REALLY HAVE?

  1. Nicely, I am surprised you all left the very additional best
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    That?s fairly good isnt it?


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