12/5/17 Does Your Future Determine Your Past?

I just started watching this show on Netflix called, “Dark.” I’m completely hooked. It takes place in a small town in Germany and has to do with time travel mind-fucking ideas. Either the narrator, some background voice on the TV, or the crazy old guy said something along the lines of, “What if the past is determined by the future?” This takes a while to sink in and think about. If the passing of time is just an illusion, then the past, present, and future exist at the same moment. If we think about time going backwards, then it could be possible that our future actions and experiences would influence our present and past actions and behaviors. If that’s the case, then everything we’ve done up to this point in time has all been influenced by our future. Perhaps we are more intelligent as a baby after reverse-aging from our death.

I’m interested in this idea because if you ever come up with a plan, such as a vacation, life change, or envision a future job you want, our vision shapes our behavior in the present moment. We can see this future possibility in our mind, and neuro-chemical reactions take place positioning us closer and closer to achieving or reaching this plan or goal. Perhaps our future self has already decided our present and past for us, and we are merely following along in the foot steps we have already chosen.

This reminds me of the movie, Mr. Nobody, which I won’t ruin for if you haven’t seen it. I have a couple theories about the universe which are based on some science and some bullshit.

I believe our universe is just a drop in the ocean of other universes. We’ve detected different gravitational forces in space, which seem to prove that there are other universes out there, with completely different physics, which permeate our universe. There may not be defined borders of our universe. Perhaps universes weave in and out of each other (complete bullshit idea based on no science).

Another idea I like to think about is the small vs. big view of the universe. As time goes on and science improves, we keep detecting smaller and smaller particles, such as an atom, a neutrino, or a quark. I imagine we will continue finding smaller things that make up everything. On the other end, I believe if we had a reverse-telescope, we could start to see things bigger than our universe. Right now, we can map an approximation of the universe, but it keeps expanding. Maybe our universe is just a neutrino in an atom in a rain drop in an ocean.

Got a little side-tracked there…

If my past was determined by my future self as a video game designer would, I would want to add some struggle and pain and suffering into my life, so that as I got older, I would appreciate all the great things about life. If I programmed my past to be all gum drops and rainbows, the future would have to be so incredible in order to compete. A certain amount of darkness is necessary to see the world in lightness.

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