11/28/17 Fight the Golem Inside

In this confusing world we live in, sometimes it feels as though a great adversary is pulling the strings and controlling us. Every fairy tale we’ve heard as a child has a hero and a villain, and usually some love interest. The villain is usually stronger than the hero, but the hero always wins. We may want to blame our circumstances on other people, but the only person we can blame is ourself. There is no mystical adversary that is doing this to us. We choose our lives.

The only villain we have is the Golem inside. That’s the voice that discourages you from trying anything new or expanding your consciousness. It’s the voice that tells you to give up on your hopes and dreams. It’s the voice that tells you to quit when you’re so close to the finish line. We have to recognize this dark spirit within us. We can’t give him what he wants or he will grow stronger and have more power over us.

Shiny objects and status and power are attractive to us. But it is all an illusion, fed to the Golem inside. These are external things the Golem craves, just like the all-powerful ring. In the end, what do you really need in life to be happy? I’m trying to figure that out, but I know that a fancy new car isn’t going to make me feel any better. A big house and fancy clothes and a perfect lawn won’t satisfy me. These things can hold us back from seeing the world. Everything we own has its own spirit and creates a weight on us. The thought of getting rid of something we spent so much time and money on is crippling. We have attachment to these objects.

When we die, we can’t bring anything with us. Sure, you could bury a bunch of trinkets and diamonds with you, but it will only fill a coffin’s worth of shit.

We are both good and evil. We have a great capacity for causing harm onto others, but also the ability to bring great joy and happiness to others. We all have the Golem inside, disguised as a close friend.

Banish the Golem from your mind as best as you possibly can. Be strong and put up a fight!


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