11/17/17 Keep the Fire Burning

I was having some doubts about my future plans a couple days ago, and started having irrational thoughts creep in telling me I should abandon my plans and lead a normal life. A couple days ago, I thought about everything again and the possible outcomes of my life in the future. The “normal” life freaked the crap out of me. The more adventurous life started a fire in me. The flame was reignited. The normal life is predictable and likewise my behavior is predictable. The adventurous life is unpredictable and my behavior is also unpredictable. Which sounds more exciting?

My determination to reach my goals will keep pushing me in the right direction. My white board has a reminder on it that says, “Stick to the plan!” It means that I have put a ton of thought, mental preparation, time, and effort into this plan. A day or two of negative thinking can’t destroy months if not years of planning.

The fuel for the fire is on an I.V. drip, tireless and relentless. I will not stop.

If you don’t have a definite goal in life, you should start thinking about it sooner rather than later. The longer we wait, the longer we will keep spinning as the earth turns, without moving towards anything specific. We are lost without a cause. We may not know exactly what our purpose is, but we should take every action we can in order to be able to see this possibility unfold. We never know until we try something.

Whatever it is that gets you excited and gives you butterflies when you think about it, that’s the direction to go. Facts and figures can distort our perception of reality, so be careful not to do too much math. I am definitely working hard on that part. Go with your gut; your instinct. When life throws you challenges, move forward knowing that everything will be alright.

The fire within you doesn’t have to be blazing. All you need is a candle flame, quietly and slowly burning all day long, every day.

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