10/27/17 The Sims Life

Do you ever have that weird feeling that this life isn’t real. In general, life is pretty awesome. We have pizza, beer, and football. Sex is pretty good too I guess. How could all this possibly be real? How do we even exist as a species? We were really that one sperm and egg that made it out of hundreds of millions, generation after generation? It seems like the logical explanation is that we’re in a video game. Maybe we’re just Sims characters in a hyper-realistic environment in first-person. Someday, video games will be able to mimic reality so closely that we may not know the difference. And, we may actually prefer to exist in a video game world instead of the real world, especially if you could earn real money inside the game. In a video game, you have more options than you might in your waking life.

Imagine playing Grand Theft Auto with cheat codes and the world around you looks exactly the same as real life. You drive around the city in a tank, blowing shit up and running over innocent bystanders and cop cars. You’re a wanted man. Helicopters start flying in and SWAT vehicles start showing up. You start taking out helicopters with your cannon and smashing into the SWAT trucks. Then the military shows up with their own tanks and start blasting away at your tank, giving you a piece of your own medicine. Your tank explodes and you feel the heat and shrapnel against your skin before you wake up outside some random hospital, ready for round two.

Or, imagine you’re on your yacht, traveling the Mediterranean with a harem of beautiful women. You’re hanging out in your hot tub in the middle of the ocean. Everything is perfect. The music is perfect. The weather is perfect. Your body is perfect. You have all the drugs or alcohol you could want (without negative side effects). You don’t have a care in the world. Every night, you get to choose who you sleep with. Maybe tonight you decide to sleep with all of your mistresses.

We are all trapped in some way to the system. What if the system is just a big mess of code? The graphics are pretty incredible, unless your eyesight sucks. Our senses allow us to perceive this reality, but we are missing a huge chunk of the available spectrum of wavelengths. Our brains aren’t built to be able to comprehend everything around us so it filters information out. We would be tripping out constantly and probably wouldn’t be able to stand if we could perceive everything all the time.

If the game designers were smart, they would set limits to the capacity of our consciousness. They wouldn’t want us to know that we’re just characters in a video game. We might try to escape! This would really hurt their bottom line since our bodies are being used as batteries to fuel the machines.

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